Business Operation Review

We provide business insight services to improve the business operations taking into consideration the business as a whole.

Preparation of policies and procedures manuals for business cycles

Any business unit, in any industry, shall have before its launch a proper assessment of its technical feasibility, economic viability and financial soundness and profitability. Our experience in working with a variety of businesses covering many fields, gives us an advantage in bringing out proper and adequate feasibility study reports to a variety of businesses.

Business Valuation

Safi for Accounting and Auditing perform valuations of business entities, intangible assets and partnership interests. These services are provided to assist clients with mergers, acquisitions & dispositions, compliance, financial reporting, bankruptcy, reorganisation, ligation & dispute resolution and strategic planning.

Business Plans

Safi for Accounting & Auditing prepares business plans and market studies for existing as well as newly formed businesses. The business plans sketch the course of the business, during the envisaged period and the owners will be able to steer the business in the desired manners.